Light show films by Ken Brown, 1967-1969
with live accompaniment by the Psychedelic Cinema Orchestra

Between 1967 and 1969, Ken Brown, a self-described “survivor of the psychedelic wars of the 1960s,” shot Super 8 films to project with the light shows at Boston’s premiere rock club, The Boston Tea Party. The resulting films, cobbled together to make the current Psychedelic Cinema, stand today as an amazing window on another time. Swirling colors and lights, clip art animations, girls in flowing skirts, candles, flowers, and more than a few references to drugs, meld together in a complex montage of images that transport the viewer to another time and place. Brown’s films were projected over the great bands of the ‘60s, including Jimi Hendrix, The Velvet Underground, Sly and the Family Stone, Neil Young, The Who, The Grateful Dead and Boston’s own The Hallucinations. Psychedelic Cinema Orchestra is comprised of Ken Winokur, percussion and clarinet (Alloy Orchestra), Jonathan LaMaster, guitars, electric sitar and synths (Cul de Sac and Saturnalia), and Dana Coley, baritone sax, electronics (Morphine). The group will meld their improvised music with recorded samples of music, speeches and audio artifacts from the ‘60s.