Davina views the world through a fantastical lens, struggling to navigate the harsh realities of her young life and grown-up responsibilities while attending high school and being the sole caregiver for her disabled mother. In voiceover she states, “Today is my birthday. Today I will learn how to breathe.” Davina receives a Polaroid camera for her birthday. While photographing in a park, she dreams of running away from the bleak world of adolescent isolation. She looks for salvation in a relationship with Sterling, a skateboarder and musician, who introduces her to a different world. Setting off on an impulsive road trip in and around the Bay Area, they remain fairly close to home, sleeping most nights in the car and quickly running out of money. Davina has run from her suffocating caregiver role at home, but she is living in a fairytale relationship overshadowed by a disturbing revelation. Images in Davina’s dreams become increasingly menacing and unsettling as she struggles with the collision of reality and fantasy. I Believe In Unicorns is a road trip through the stunning and complex landscape of troubled young love. Directed by Leah Meyerhoff (Twitch), and produced by Allison Anders (director of Mi Vida Loca, Things Behind the Sun, and Gas, Food, Lodging), I Believe in Unicorns was nominated for the 2014 SXSW Grand Jury Award for Best Narrative Feature.