MIFF 2015 presents the World Filmmaker’s Forum

MIFF 2015 presents the World Filmmaker’s Forum

From our very first year, MIFF has emphasized and been committed to international filmmakers, and been graced by visits from many of them from all over the world. This year, we take that commitment further with our World Filmmakers’ Forum, bringing together four filmmakers from four continents for extended showings and discussions of their work, and of international filmmaking itself.

In our increasingly homogenous and corporatized world, it is the distinctive specifics of inspired regional and national filmmakers that actually provide us with universal human experience—and universal art. Exposing our audiences to different cultures and landscapes through films as yet undistributed and sometimes even literally unseen in the U.S., the World Filmmakers’ Forum emphasizes young filmmakers ready to take on the challenges of art and the world in their work.

We are particularly thrilled to have these four fabulous filmmakers here this year, each one of whose work is challenging yet accessible, provocative yet exhilarating, far away and close to home; each of whose brilliant work deserves the great attention it is sure to receive in the U.S.—and already has elsewhere: from France, Claus Drexel; from Argentina, Bárbara Francisco; from Turkey, Hüseyin Karabey; from Mexico, Andrés Clariond Rangel.

The World Filmmakers’ Forum is funded in part by a grant from: