Whales of August, The

Whales of August, The

It was 30 years ago that audiences packed Railroad Square, then a single screen theater located across the parking lot from where it is now, to see one of the theater’s biggest hits to that point, The Whales of August, set and shot on the coast of Maine and featuring screen legends Lillian Gish, Bette Davis, Vincent Price, and Ann Sothern. We are happy to be able to celebrate its 30th anniversary with producer and Festival Friend Supreme Mike Kaplan here to introduce Whales, named Best Film of the Year by L.A. Weekly. Lindsay Anderson’s (O Lucky Man!) last film is adapted by David Berry from his play. Whales visits with two sisters, Sarah and Libby, who have lived together for 60 years. Their husbands are long gone, and the whales that used to appear at summer’s end are also a thing of the past. All they have is each other. Sarah (Gish), a generous woman devoted to her cranky (and blind) sister (Davis), wants to build a window with an ocean view. She also receives visits from the recently bereaved—hence available—Mr. Maranov (Price). Libby doesn’t like the window idea or Mr. Maranov. Both women have decisions to make.

Shown with: The Raw Whales Interviews: The only filmed interviews with the legendary cast of The Whales of August during the film’s production occurred when a BBC unit arrived on Cliff Island to capture the experience. These candid, unedited interviews acquire a new historic relevance in light of the film’s 30th anniversary. Bette Davis, Lillian Gish, Vincent Price, Ann Sothern, Harry Carey, Jr., director Lindsay Anderson, and others. PREMIERE!

Additional Information

U.S.A. 1987 – Digital Projection – 90 Minutes

In English

Director: Lindsay Anderson

Producers: Mike Kaplan, Carolyn Pfeiffer

Screenplay: David Berry, based on his play

Cast: Bette Davis, Lillian Gash, Vincent Price, Ann Sothern

Print courtesy: Alive Films, Criterion Films