Welcome to L.A.

Welcome to L.A.

Lauren Hutton is one of a luminous, true, and remarkable ensemble of actors—in the style of first-time director Alan Rudolph’s long-time mentor, Robert Altman—in Welcome to L.A., which also features MIFF Mid-Life Achievement Award Honorees Sissy Spacek and Keith Carradine, MIFF returning fave Mike Kaplan, MIFF vet Allan Nicholls, and Geraldine Chaplin, Harvey Keitel, Sally Kellerman, Viveca Lindfors, and Diahnne Abbott—quite a cast! The film’s title song and neo-subtitle is “The City of the One Night Stands.” “Like producer Altman, Alan Rudolph sees filmmaking as jazz visualized…Rudolph takes the music’s expressive unpredictability as a template for his characters’ forlorn relationships…. The City of Angels here is, like Chantal Akerman’s Brussels, a metropolis of ephemeral connections—all ‘daydreams and traffic,’ according to Sally Kellerman, one of the various Angelenas who pass through the hands of moody, beatnik-whiskered songwriter Keith Carradine in the course of the recording of an album. (The others include married socialite Geraldine Chaplin, photographer Lauren Hutton, maid Sissy Spacek, and music agent Viveca Lindfors.) The loneliness of the characters emphasizes Rudolph’s sensibility to the transience of love, feelings in constant flux which can split or reconnect relationships with a single gesture. (In fact, the film’s center lies in Chaplin’s seesawing marriage to Harvey Keitel, which, upon Carradine’s entrance, turns triangular and clarifyingly unstable.) It has its place as the anti-Shampoo, its irony of a time stuck between effervescent ’60s and sterile ’80s.”— Fernando F. Croce, Cinepassion

Additional Information

U.S.A. 1978 – Digital Projection -106 Minutes

In English

Director, Screenplay: Alan Rudolph

Producer: Robert Altman

Cast: Lauren Hutton, Keith Carradine, Sally Kellerman, Geraldine Chaplin,Sissy Spacek, Harvey Keitel

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