Welcome to the Men’s Group

Welcome to the Men’s Group

North American Festival Premiere!

Welcome to the Men’s Group is a new indie American comedy-drama that takes us inside the dynamic of an all-male support group when they gather one morning for a ritual breakfast and their unique form of male bonding. One Sunday each month, these eight men refrain from beer and football to sit in a circle where they share their personal issues in the noble hope of becoming a bit more evolved than their fathers. On this day, things do not go as planned when one member appears suicidal, and long-standing conflict threatens to destroy the trust between the men. By turns laughout-loud funny and tenderly poignant, the story takes place at member Larry’s (Timothy Bottoms) house. Michael (MIFF vet with The Reflecting Pool and Welcome to the Men’s Group director Joseph Culp) brings along Tom (Mackenzie Astin) a new member to the group. Tom is curious what the whole «men’s group» thing is about, but he’s also skeptical. That skepticism morphs through several stages of shock, hilarity, and repulsion as he witnesses the raw emotions and complex relationships that are slowly revealed as the men struggle to share their real feelings and keep the recently divorced Carl (Stephen Tobolowsky) from going over the edge.


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Additional Information

U.S.A. 2016 – Digital Projection – 130 Minutes

In English

Director: Joseph Culp

Producers, Print courtesy: Joseph Culp, Scott Ben-Yashar, Jacob Silver

Screenplay: Scott Ben-Yashar, Joseph Culp

Cast: Phil Abrams, Mackenzie Astin, Timothy Bottoms, David Clennon, Joseph Culp, Terence Rotolo, Ali Saam, Stephen Tobolowsky