Tip of My Tongue

Tip of My Tongue

To celebrate her 50th birthday, filmmaker and MIFF vet Lynne Sachs gathers together other people, men and women who have lived through precisely the same years but come from places like Iran or Cuba or Australia or the Lower East Side— not Memphis, Tennessee where Sachs grew up. She invites 12 fellow New Yorkers – born across several continents in the 1960s – to spend a weekend with her making a movie. Together they discuss some of the most salient, strange, and revealing moments of their lives in a brash, self-reflexive examination of the way in which uncontrollable events outside our own domestic universe impact who we are. “Tip of My Tongue is entrancing. As someone who was born in the mid-’90s, I am distantly removed from many of the events mentioned in the film. To hear personal accounts of the Iranian revolution or Nixon’s resignation was surreal for me, offering me a glimpse into a past I never experienced. I can only imagine the memories Tip of My Tongue would unearth for those who have lived through those same events. This film offers viewers a brilliant visual representation of what it means to remember”—Agnes Film. (Associated event: Film as a Collaborative Art Workshop with Lynne Sachs. Check under Special Events for more details.)

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U.S.A. 2016 – Digital Projection – 80 Minutes

In English

Director, Print courtesy: Lynne Sachs