Sounding, The

Sounding, The

MIFF 2017 Opening Night Film

“A different language is a different vision of life”—Federico Fellini. Spectacularly shot on Monhegan Island off Midcoast Maine, The Sounding is a film that speaks to all of us as it tells its haunting story of a woman who chooses to speak only in her own way. Raised on a remote Maine island by her grandfather Lionel, Liv (stunningly played by The Sounding’s multi-talented director and writer, Catherine Eaton) has never spoken. When Lionel discovers he’s dying, he calls the son of his best friend and a former protégé, Michael, to the island and asks him to protect Liv’s independence. That night, as Lionel is reading to Liv, his voice fails him. Liv picks up the book of Shakespeare he’s been reading to her and begins: first reading, then weaving a language from Shakespeare’s words, and Shakespeare’s words, chosen and spoken by Liv to express herself most fully, become her means of communication. But Michael does not understand and believes that only the ministrations of the state psychiatric hospital can help. Michael has much to learn and Liv much to teach, The Sounding is a film that resonates with Maine, with life, with the beat of a different drum.

Additional Information

U.S.A. 2017 – DCP – 93 Minutes

In English

Director, Print courtesy: Catherine Eaton

Screenplay: Catherine Eaton, Bryan Delaney

Producers: Caitlin Gold, Jessica Vale

Cast: Catherine Eaton, Teddy Sears,  Harris Yulin, Erin Darke, Frankie Faison