Reprogramming of Jeremy, The

Reprogramming of Jeremy, The

Central Maine Writer and Actor Bobby Keniston introduces

World Premiere!

Central Maine writer and actor Bobby Keniston introduces the world premiere of a new film based on his play. Jeremy is a shy and bullied teen with a secret. It’s a secret someone told the whole town and now, everyone Jeremy loves wants him to change, but can you change who you really are? Should you? The Reprogramming of Jeremy is a fictional docudrama in interview format about the journey of the family, friends, and acquaintances of Jeremy, a shy, closeted, bullied teen who is outed and sent to a special “conversion” camp to be re-programmed.

Additional Information

United States 2018 – Digital Projection – 102 Min.
In English
Director: Gail Wagner
Screenplay: Bobby Keniston
Cast: Sean Wagner, Matthew Furman, Daniel C. Davis, Alexandra M. Ford, Kevin Meinhaldt
Print Courtesy: Gail Wagner