Sticky Fingers of Time, The

Sticky Fingers of Time, The

Director Hilary Brougher has been back to MIFF several times, but she returns this year as our longest-lasting MIFF friend–and one of our very favorites!—having been here first with her debut feature, The Sticky Fingers of Time, in the first of our 20 years. Hilary’s been back with her wonderful second feature, Stephanie Daly, and last year with her arresting short Wake, Oh Wake, but Sticky has really…well, stuck! Detective novelist Tucker Harding steps out to buy coffee one day in 1953 and suddenly finds herself transported to 1997 (present day when Sticky was made…) Wandering dazed through New York City, she meets Drew, a desperately depressed woman to whom Tucker becomes deeply attached. Soon they learn that they are both time freaks, a condition caused by the H-bomb mutation of their souls, causing them to travel spontaneously through time. And there are others of them… others who are dangerous. Driven by style and superb characters rather than by special effects, The Sticky Fingers of Time is a mind-, time-, and gender-bending film that offers a glimpse of what could have been—and what yet might be.

Additional Information

U.S.A. 1997 – Digital Projection – 81 Minutes

In English

Director, Writer, Print courtesy: Hilary Brougher

Producers: Jean Castelli, Isen Robbins, Susan A. Stover

Cast: Terumi Matthews, Nicole Zaray, Belinda Becker,James Urbaniak