Song of Granite

Song of Granite

You may have seen movies about musicians, but you’ve never seen one like this. You may have seen movies about Ireland, but you’ve never seen one like this. “Shot in black-and-white and mostly in the Irish language, this is a soulful, austere piece of auteur filmmaking which shirks narrative convention for a story told through haunting sound and fleeting impressions. Layering the life of Irish folk singer Joe Heaney through a flickering lens and leaning on the natural, unadorned voice of the sean nos (old style) singer, this doc/feature hybrid film isn’t perfect, but it is quite perfectly-made”—Fionualla Halligan, Screen Daily. Beginning in the 1940s in Coonawara, County Galway, Song of Granite follows earnest, shy young Joe, a boy whose love of Irish songs is clearly deep and innate. His story will take him, ironically, far from home and to near permanent travel if not outright exile, yet that Irish soul all the deeper felt and sung among his repertoire of over 500 songs as he grows older.

Additional Information

Ireland/Canada 2017 – 104 Minutes

In Irish, English with English subtitles

Director: Pat Collins

Producers: Jessie Fisk, Alan Maher

Screenplay: Pat Collins, Eoghan Mac Giolla Bhríde, Sharon Whooley

Cast: Michael O´Chonfhlaola, Macdara Ó Fátharta, Leni Parker

Print courtesy Oscilloscope Films