On the Roof

On the Roof

“Patricia Ramos grew up in a Havana neighborhood where she observed a host of people going on about their lives on the rooftops, almost akin to an alternate city. Her feature debut, El Techo (On the Roof) turns on three people in their early twenties, who pass the time on a rooftop telling stories and relating their dreams. One of them, despite his dark skin, claims he’s part Sicilian and wants to find his Italian family. They open a pizzeria on the rooftop where the challenges of running a business help them find their path in life. ‘There’s now a real pizzeria on the rooftop where we shot,’ Ramos laughs. She sees El Techo as a reflection on the circumstances of her country and of its youth, many of whom are rudderless for the lack of work opportunities.” —Anna Marie de la Fuente, Variety

Additional Information

Cuba/Nicaragua 2016 – 75 Minutes

In Spanish

Director: Patricia Ramos

Producer, Print courtesy: Humberto Jimenez Penha

Cast: Enmanuel Galbán, Andrea Doimeadios, Jonathan Navarro Eloseguls