It’s Not the Time of My Life

It’s Not the Time of My Life

Winner of the Crystal Globe at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival, this is a smart, funny, incisive new film from Hungary. “An unexpected visit from the in-laws quickly turns sour in the Magyar indie production. With his seventh feature, versatile Hungarian helmer Szabolcs Hajdu (Mirage, Bibliotheque Pascal, White Palms) orchestrates a fresh and funny chamber piece about midlife marital crises that will strike a universal chord…. In addition to the highly relatable situations shot in a style of heightened naturalism and the Robert Altman-like overlapping dialogue, the drama gains further conviction from setting the action in the actual apartment lived in by the director and his wife, who, along with their real-life son, play the host family. Late-thirtysomethings Farkas and Eszter constantly bicker about the best way to parent their hyperactive, five-year-old son Bruno. He accuses her of being too permissive; she feels that he isn’t very involved. After audiences witness Bruno yelling at full-throttle in the film’s opening moments, it is easy to sympathize with both sides. Just as Eszter bitterly wonders aloud, “Why are we still together?” a knock at the door interrupts any further reckoning. The unheralded guests are Eszter’s slightly older sister Ernella, her self-pitying husband Albert, and their sullen, animal-loving offspring Laura. After a year working on a farm in Scotland, where, Ernella confides, Albert did not get along with the locals, they are broke, homeless, and not happy about being back in Hungary”—Alissa Simon, Variety. Can the cozy apartment contain this energetic crew, each with their own agenda?

Additional Information

Hungary 2016 – DCP – 81 Minutes

In Hungarian with English subtitles

Director, Screenplay: Szabolcs Hajdu

Producers: Gabor Ferenczy, Daniel Herner, Andras Muhi, Zsofia Muhi, Szabolcs Hajdu, Orsolya Torok-Illyes

Cast: Imre Gelyani, Luzja Hajdu, Szabolcs Hajdu, Zsigmond Hajdu

Print courtesy: Filmworks