Nobody’s Watching

Nobody’s Watching

Nico, in his mid-30s, is a young Argentine actor fighting to build a career in the U.S. without assistance or connections, never too far from heartbreaking failure, but often blinded by the mirage of immediate success. Nico has left a promising acting career in Argentina, after a tumultuous break-up with Martin, his mentor/producer. He lands in New York, lured into believing that his talent will help him find success “on his own” and prove his self-worth. But that’s not what he finds. Too blond to play Latino, his accent too strong to play anything else, Nico gets stuck between identities: that of the successful South American actor, and that of the temporary immigrant needing to juggle odd jobs and under-the-table employment, in search of the ever-elusive acting part that will provide an adjustment of status. When Andrea, his beautiful Argentinian exroommate and confidante, asks him to take care of her baby Theo, Nico becomes his male nanny and doesn’t suspect how deeply this new bond will affect him. Nobody’s Watching depicts an immigrant experience that doesn’t often land on the screen: the bittersweet struggle of choosing to make a new land your own, and the realization that actual success lies in the journey of self- discovery and the unexpected gains that “failure” can provide. Nobody’s Watching is a film about the struggle of self-imposed exile; how the pleasures of anonymity and freedom contrast with the pain of loneliness and loss that shapes immigrant experience.

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Argentina/U.S.A./Spain/Brazil/Colombia 2017 – DCP – 102 Minutes

In English, Spanish with English subtitles

Director: Julia Solomonoff

Producers: Maria Teresa Arida, Natalia Agudelo Campillo, Nicolá Herreño Leal, Elisa Lleras, Andrés Longares, Jaime Mateus-Tique, Lúcia Murat, Felicitas Raffo

Screenplay: Christina Lazaridi, Julia Solomonoff

Cast: Nadja Settel, Guillermo Pfening, Pascal Yen-Pfister

Print courtesy: Figa Films