Mop Cap: An Alopecia Story

Mop Cap: An Alopecia Story

Some say that hair is a woman’s crowning glory. You are your hair. But what if you are a woman and don’t have any? Mop Cap: An Alopecia Story is a new film about one midcoast Maine woman’s experience with lifelong hair loss. This film delves into issues of femininity, sexuality and difference and explores how creativity, the natural world and self-care become important paths to healing and greater self-acceptance. Subject and co-producer Ann Hedly Rousseau is a vibrant woman with enormous creativity (most obviously as a skilled dancer), making director Nicolle Littrell’s new film a joy and inspiration to watch.

Additional Information

U.S.A. 2017 – Digital Projection – 62 Minutes

In English

Director: Nicolle Littrell

Producers, Print courtesy: Nicolle Littrell, Ann Hedley Rousseau