It’s Criminal

It’s Criminal

It’s Criminal highlights the economic and social inequities that divide the United States and offers a vision of how separated communities can learn to speak to each other. Poignant and personal, the film shares the life-changing journeys of incarcerated women and Dartmouth College students working together to write and perform an original play that explores the often painful and troubled paths that landed the women behind bars and also shares some of their fragile visions for the future. Director Signe Taylor says “I was inspired to make It’s Criminal because I believe that one of the biggest issues confronting the United States today is our increasing isolation and segregation across economic, political and ethnic lines. I think this segregation leads to fear of and ignorance about each other and that one of the most important things we can do is to break out of our silos and make deep and authentic connections with those who are considered “different” from us. It’s Criminal captures how incarcerated women and Dartmouth College students make that brave attempt to get to know each other and my dream is that they will inspire others to do the same.”

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U.S.A 2018 – DCP – 80 Minutes

In English

Director, Print courtesy: Signe Taylor