Henry David Thoreau, Surveyor of the Soul

Henry David Thoreau, Surveyor of the Soul

From award-winning Maine filmmaker Huey (Wilderness & Spirit: A Mountain Called Katahdin) comes a portrait of Thoreau, emphasizing how the writer’s voice and spirit have echoed throughout history and still resound today. Thoreau’s call for preservation of the wilderness was far ahead of its time and forms the philosophical basis for many environmental organizations today. He almost single-handedly established the basic principles for the modern-day science of ecology. His essay “Civil Disobedience” is the impetus for many civil rights movements across the world and influenced both Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. Thoreau’s mantra “simplify, simply” helped ignite the 1960s back-to-the-land movement and the continuing voluntary simplicity movement. His book Walden has been in print for 151 years. His phrase from Walden about hearing the “beat of a different drummer” has come to symbolize the spirit of individuality in America. Surveyor of the Soul maps out Thoreau’s influence on the American landscape of thought. But then, there’s the literal, natural landscape, and a significant portion of Surveyor of the Soul follows Thoreau’s path to the Maine Woods, about which he wrote extensively and beautifully. Thoreau was one of the first truly American writers, a writer whose insight into everyday observations of daily life and nature still has relevance in the present day.

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U.S.A. 2017 – DCP – 114 Minutes

In English

Director, Producer, Print courtesy: Huey