God Knows Where I Am

God Knows Where I Am

In an abandoned farmhouse in New Hampshire, after one of the coldest winters ever, the decomposed body of Linda Bishop was found. Next to her was a journal, in which she chronicled the last months of her life. Linda was well-educated, a wife and mother, and had long battled severe bipolar disorder. God Knows Where I Am is the story of the extraordinary events that lead to her death. Linda’s sad and bizarre history is told by her daughter, sister, and friends, who knew and loved her. But the real story is told by Linda herself. As her journal is sensitively read—by Lori Singer—poetic and beautiful images, filmed at the actual site of events, augment her inner journey. Linda hid from a world she mistrusted, roaming orchards at night to collect apples while 500 feet away, neighbors and rescue awaited. This is a searing commentary on our mental health system, as well as an exquisite eulogy to a tortured spirit. That spirit will haunt you long after this film is over.

Additional Information

U.S.A. 2016 – DCP – 97 Minutes

In English

Directors, Producers: Jedd Wider, Todd Wider

Narration: Lori Singer

Print Courtesy: Wider Film Projects