Delivered Vacant

Delivered Vacant

Our Vermont neighbor Nora Jacobson nabbed the Audience Award at MIFF #2 for My Mother’s Early Lovers and has been a favorite director—and human being!—of ours ever since! Delivered Vacant, the film that first brought her cinematic acclaim, made before MIFF started, looks almost prescient in its acute depiction of gentrification in our cities…. Hailed by Vincent Canby of The New York Times as “a fine, rich film…an urban epic,” the award-winning Delivered Vacant chronicles 8 years of housing wars in Hoboken, NJ, a mile-square city across the river from Manhattan. It features a real life cast of long-time residents, newly arrived yuppies, tenant organizers, real estate developers, immigrants from around the world, and the wackiest mayor in America. “An ’80s gentrification saga with the scope and detail of a 19th century novel, Nora Jacobson’s Delivered Vacant has the charm but none of the smartass posturing of Roger and Me…. More involving than the most impassioned agitprop or well-balanced PBS documentary… Jacobson has an amazing ability to get people to reveal themselves on camera.”—Amy Taubin, Village Voice

Additional Information

U.S.A. 1992 – Digital Projection – 110 Minutes

In English

Director, Producer, Print courtesy: Nora Jacobson