“I chose the title Delirious primarily because it means ‘a state of happiness so intense it verges on being crazy.’ It seemed like a good word to describe the people in the film. They don’t want to just be happy—they want to be so happy they’re almost insane”—Tom DiCillo. And insane surely is what the celebrity world Les Galantine wants to photograph is. Steve Buscemi wonderfully embodies the manic energy of his character, a two-bit New York shutterbug who categorizes people as “peons or professionals.” His previous coups—tabloid snaps of Goldie Hawn eating lunch and Elvis Costello (who makes an amusing cameo appearance) without a hat on— are enough to impress Toby (Michael Pitt), a pleasantly dim-witted drifter whom Les takes in as an unpaid assistant. Serving as Les’ point man in roving packs of paparazzi, Toby nurses a crush on K’Harma Leeds (Alison Lohman), a Britney Spears-like pop diva who spites a former boy-toy by spontaneously recruiting Toby for a night of wish-fulfillment fantasy and falls under the eye of a savvy, sexy casting director (Gina Gershon). What a world, what a world!

Additional Information

U.S.A.  2006 – Digital Projection 107 Min.

Director, Screenplay, Print courtesy: Tom DiCillo

Producers: Robert Salerno

Screenplay: Lawrence J. Cohen, Fred Freeman

Cast: Steve Buscemi, Michael Pitt, Alison Lohman, Gina Gershon, Elvis Costello