We are seeking digital and new media installation proposals for MIFFONEDGE Vol. 7! Send a proposal with high-quality images, an artist’s statement and biography, and contact info to jess@mainefilmcenter.org


July 14-21, 2018

This year, we unpack the cinematic experience with a deeply exploratory program. MIFFONEDGE Vol. 6 features a suite of immersive sensory experiences that invite us to step outside of our everyday perception to see, hear, and feel anew. We are thrilled to welcome Brazilian new media artist duo VJ Suave back to MIFF with an exciting new virtual reality exhibit, Floresta Encantada, in which we enter a magical VR forest. Susan Bickford merges seamlessly with her project (stillness)15, which asks us to meditate on the nature of water as we explore an entrancing cycle of a reversing falls. An homage to the inspirational power of Maine’s rivers, Bickford’s project is a delight for the senses. The Children’s Discovery Museum brings us a series of pop-up interactive exhibits that invite you and your young ones to experiment, tinker, and get a bit messy. Explore the forest (or create your own), fashion pinhole cameras in Castonguay Square, transport yourself in time and space, or meditate in stillness and serenity at MIFFONEDGE Vol. 6.

Open daily 12:00-7:00pm

Common Street Arts, 93 Main Street

 Free and open to the public

July 14-21 VJ Suave: Floresta Encantada VR exhibit

July 14-21 Susan Bickford: (stillness)15

July 14-21 Camera Lucida

July 16: VJ Suave: Tilt Brush workshop for kids 1:00-3:00pm

July 17 MIFF Celebrity Life Drawing 5:30-8 p.m.

July 18 Children’s Discovery Museum mobile museum 1-4 p.m.

July 18 MIFF Art Happy Hour by Common Street Arts 4-6 p.m.

July 19 Mini pinhole cameras in the park 4-6pm + Children’s Discovery Museum mobile museum 2-6 p.m.

July 20 VJ Suave: Tilt Brush workshop for adults 4:30-6:30 p.m.

July 21 Making It in Maine Day 10 a.m.


Floresta Encantada

(Enchanted Forest)


In this new installation VJ Suave investigates a new technology: virtual reality, a tool which is able to lead the visitor to other dimensions. Mixing 3D animation, programming, spatial audio and a game creation tool, the artists take the viewers into a magical forest, where they are free to choose their own paths and actions.

The goal is to release the story characters in the city. Now they go further and bring the viewers into their own universe, where they can interact with the scenery, objects, characters and also with their own bodies.

Through total immersion in the forest’s ambience, the installation invites the public to have a self-knowledge experience, instigating many reflections. The forests are full, energetic and powerful places. Nature reminds us who we are and that we are all a part of it. It is necessary to broaden the perception that goes beyond the view, to experience the environment with all the senses.

Tilt Brush workshop with VJ Suave

VJ Suave teaches the students to draw in a virtual 3D environment using Tilt Brush. Tilt Brush VR program transports the user inside their drawing so they can walk around their own creations. The subject of the workshop can be adapted and as a result 3D models and virtual reality videos can be created to share.

In the workshop the participants engage with virtual reality gaining experience in 3D digital drawing techniques. Space is the canvas, the palette is imagination, the possibilities are endless. Students can paint with three-dimensional brushes, stars, lights, and even fire! Experience painting like never before while walking around the art.

(stillness)15, 56:22 rt loop


Susan Bickford’s approach to art is a deeply ecological one. A Certified Nature Therapy Guide, she also holds an MFA from Maine College of Art and a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design. Winner of the 2017 Maine Arts Commission Individual Artist Fellowship in Media and Performance, Bickford has been developing interdisciplinary collaborative retreats and performances in nature since 2001. These performances also result in video installations shown in traditional art spaces. The (stillness) project is an annual event that began in 2015, and migrates through sites along the waterways of Midcoast Maine. She is a lecturer at the University of Maine at Augusta as well as Director of the Danforth Gallery.


















Museum Without Walls

Have you ever seen a bug x-ray? Can you build a mini roller-coaster for balls? What happens when you pour all the water into the funnel really fast? Come and explore the Children’s Discovery Museum’s mobile “Museum without Walls,” a series of pop-up interactive exhibits that invite you to experiment, tinker, and get a bit messy.