Undersung follows four different families who are caring for a child with disabilities: Craig and Hannah; Claire and Sophie; Ramona, Harry, and Melvin; Marina and Gregory. As Ramona states at the beginning of the film, “I see it as a disability myself now, that inability to accept disability.” Undersung is intelligent and clear about the struggles these parents face. Marriages crumble under the demands of being a caregiver. The uncertainty of the future as parents grow older is another huge concern. But even worse is the economic pressures of caring for a child “who will never make money, but only cost money,” as Claire explains. The larger question of what we value as a society is implicit. Still, even in the midst of this level of challenge, love—stubborn, persistent, and surprisingly tough—endures. It is most clearly seen in the daily routines of parents and children, during bedtime kisses, preparing meals, and getting ready for school. It is a privilege to witness these gentle moments of grace and tenderness. “It is a blending of souls that is completely inexplicable…” says one of the caregivers…

Additional Information

U.S.A. 2015 – DCP – 58 Minutes

In English

Director: Adam Larsen

Producer: Heather McHugh

Print Courtesy: Heather McHugh