2018 Film Program

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World Restoration Premiere! After his remarkable triumphs with The Conformist and Last Tango in Paris, Bernardo Bertolucci, at the height of his powers (though still before his amazing Oscar win for The Last Emperor) had something more ambitious in mind. Novecento (1900) is nothing less than a history of the 20th century told in political and personal terms over the course of decades… Continued

For over 40 years, the Maine Student Film & Video Festival has enabled young filmmakers from across Maine with opportunities to pursue their passion for creating narrative, documentary, experimental, and animated films. Through a juried competition, scholarships and prizes are awarded at a special ceremony to the state’s top young filmmakers. Continued

Mark Tipton and Les Sorciers Perdus with a live, newly-composed score! What a treat this evening will be! Last year’s audience burst into the most universal and enthusiastic applause and shouts of joy heard in MIFF’s history for the great silent film Sunrise with a new live score performed by Mark Tipton and Les Sorciers Perdus.  The group has a newly composed score… Continued

Berlin’s gritty Neukolln district. 20-year-old, hearing impaired Adam faces a literal life-and-death decision when his alcoholic mother, a techno musician, is hospitalized and diagnosed with permanent brain damage. She had made him promise to help her die if something like this ever happened. Without anybody to turn to, he becomes determined to end her misery. Only after a chance Tinder date with a… Continued

North American Premiere! At a time of existential and specific threat to the physical and human environment we live in, architect Nili Portugali takes us on a deeply intimate journey to the Galilean ‘Kaballa’ holy city of Tzfat in Israel. And the Alley She Whitewashed in Light Blue remembers and imagines a childhood journey that unfolds gradually from her present holistic/Buddhist/scientific point of… Continued

This is an exciting event: the long-awaited restoration of the full-length version of the film that first brought the unique and legendary Russian filmmaking genius Andrei Tarkovsky (Stalker, Solaris) to worldwide attention. With his second feature, a towering epic that took him years to complete, Tarkovsky waded deep into the past and emerged with a visionary masterwork. Threading together several self-contained episodes, the… Continued

Smoke-n-Suds United States 2017 – DCP – 13 minutes In English Director, Screenplay, Producer: George Nicholas Cast: Vince Martin, Jillian Laganelli, George Nicholas Guy in the 1980’s East Village encounters a cool couple and spends an engaging and unforgettable evening with them. Cerulia Mexico 2017 – DCP – 13 minutes In Spanish with English subtitles Director, Screenplay: Sofìa Carillo Grandma and Grandpa heads… Continued

East Coast Premiere! Dive headfirst into bear dens with the biologists who study the effect of human urban development on bear behavior. “If we want our native biodiversity here, if we want these large carnivores to be back on our landscapes, ultimately we’re going to have to figure out, how do we coexist? How do we share a single landscape?”—Heather Johnson, Ph.D., Lead… Continued

The time is almost 40 years ago. Yet here’s a movie that foresees the rise to the heights of power in Washington by an idiot who does nothing but watch TV all day. Certainly Peter Sellers’ Chance the Gardener has very little in common with anyone who might happen to come to mind with that description—he’s a poor and unpretentious man, whatever else… Continued

“Ethan Hawke’s high-wire biopic tells the story of country blues singer Blaze Foley in a redneck-verité style that’s as delicate as it is daring. Blaze Foley (Benjamin Dickey), the dissolute country-blues singer who’s the subject of Blaze is about as unlikely a central character as you’re ever going to see in a movie. When Blaze picks up his guitar and sings, it’s clear… Continued

England, 1959. Free-spirited widow Florence Green (Emily Mortimer) risks everything to open a bookshop in a conservative East Anglian coastal town. While bringing about a surprising cultural awakening through works by Ray Bradbury and Vladimir Nabokov (the “scandalous” novel Lolita), she earns the polite but ruthless opposition of a local grand dame (Patricia Clarkson) and the support and affection of a reclusive book… Continued

35mm Print! A once-in-a-lifetime chance to see one of the most gorgeously shot movies ever in an original 35mm print! The pre-fame life of legendary singer-songwriter Woody Guthrie is the subject of Ashby’s one-of-a-kind film, winner of two Oscars—one for the jaw-dropping cinematography of Dustbowl-era America by the great Haskell Wexler (including the first-ever use of a Steadicam shot)—and a nominee for four… Continued

Burkinabé Rising showcases creative nonviolent resistance in Burkina Faso. A small, landlocked country in West Africa, Burkina Faso is home to a vibrant community of artists. Through music, film, ecology, visual art, and architecture, the people featured in this film are carrying on the revolutionary spirit of Thomas Sankara. After assuming the presidency in 1983, Sankara was killed in a 1987 coup d’état… Continued

James, a Vietnam veteran with PTSD, has an unsettling nighttime episode involving his family. From two of the makers of last year’s hit MIFF short, “Fell,” Holly Voges and Lisa Joyce. Shown with The War In Between. Continued

Wednesday, July 18, 8:30 p.m. Amici’s Cucina 137 Main Street Celebrate returning MIFF favorites Mark Tipton and Les Sorciers Perdus after they premiere a newly composed score alongside one of the most enchanting movies in film history. Hors d’oeuvres, cash bar. Continued

Grandma and Grandpa heads are emerging from their graves – a hallucinatory stop motion film springing from the presence of an imaginary playmate. Shown as part of Animated Shorts. Continued

World Premiere! Last year’s MIFF brought a work-in-progress screening of a new film from two of our favorite filmmakers, Sean Martin and Louise Milne, who joined us from the U.K. to screen it for us. And this year? It’s the completed film! We’re delighted to host the world premiere of Charlie Chaplin Lived Here, the filmmakers’ loving, affectionate tribute and history of one… Continued

“A marvelous performance from Emma Thompson. From the moment she awakens till her head hits the pillow at night, family court judge Fiona Maye does little more than think of the children, ruling on whether to separate conjoined ‘Siamese’ twins with one case (a tricky decision, as it means sentencing one to certain death so that the other might live) before turning around… Continued

Sunday, July 22, 9:00 p.m. Portland Pie Co. 173 Maine Street Join the MIFF staff to close the festival and celebrate MIFF 21! Delicious slices, cash bar. Continued

“It’s a triumph of feeling and style—lyrical, flowing, velvety style, so operatic that you come away with sequences in your head like arias.”—Pauline Kael. “All at once, The Conformist is a bludgeoning indictment of fascistic follow-the-leader and an orgasm of coolness, ravishing compositions, camera gymnastics, and atmospheric resonance—as if its decadent, twilit-art deco-noir style is itself a refutation of dictatorial social norms.”—Michael Atkinson,… Continued

Dreamlike, hypnotic, and—in the sublime images of Mark Ping Bin Lee, best known as Wong Kar-Wai’s cinematographer—unbelievably beautiful, Crosscurrent is an immersive introspective journey manifested in an outward journey up the Yangtze River. Mysterious, sublime and elegiac, director Yang Chao’s odyssey blends breathtaking images with fantasy, poetry and history to create a complex magical universe. From the Shanghai metropolis to the snow-capped Tibet… Continued

A classically trained vocalist performs musical theatre on miniature stages with action figures. Shown as part of Maine Shorts. Continued

U.S. Premiere! “Cinema will seemingly never run out of stories in which sons go in search of their missing/lost fathers, but if the results were always as charming as João Miller Guerra and Filipa Reis’ ambling picaresque Djon Africa, few audiences would complain. Written by Pedro Pinho, currently riding high with The Nothing Factory (also at MIFF this year!), this co-production between Portugal… Continued