MIFF 2017 dedicated to Jonathan Demme

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With immense sadness in his loss but great joy in his life, we mourn Jonathan Demme, who passed on April 26.  Many of you had the memorable chance to meet Jonathan during his visits to MIFF. He was our Midlife Achievement Winner in 2002, and a featured guest in 2013—and was intending to join us as a special guest again this year. If you did meet him, even if only briefly, you knew what a warm, smart, sweet, utterly human guy he was—an example of what human beings should and could be. An inspiring director who will be remembered forever for his Oscar winning THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, he should be equally remembered for the nonpareil Talking Heads concert film STOP MAKING SENSE, the utterly thrilling, sexy and hilarious rom com/thriller SOMETHING WILD and so many other fantastic films, always looking to advance three things: film, music and human culture and relations, all subjects Jonathan knew and cared about passionately every moment of his life. He was a joy to work with, a joy to talk to, a joy to know, a joy to watch a film by, a joy to be on the planet with. We dedicate MIFF 2017 to his memory.