MIFF 2014 to welcome indie filmmaker Sara Driver!

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Pioneering indie filmmaker Sara Driver has paved the way for women with a cinematic vision, blazed a trail for true personal filmmaking—her films are as distinctively hers as, say, Woody Allen’s or Jean-Luc Godard’s are theirs—and staked out a territory (somewhere in the Lower Manhattan of the dream state and of the soul) populated by herself—and, from time to time, perhaps, the rest of us. “Sara Driver’s movies are doorways into the unknown,” says writer Luc Sante, and we are thrilled to be able to invite you to walk through that doorway with Sara at MIFF this year. We’ll be showing beautiful, rare 35mm and other fine prints of all her features and several of her shorts, from 1981’s You Are Not I, based on a Paul Bowles story, and 1986’s Sleepwalk, both starring Suzanne Fletcher—who we’re delighted to have joining us at MIFF for Sara’s series as well!—through 1993’s When Pigs Fly, with Alfred Molina and Marianne Faithfull. We’ll also screen Stranger than Paradise, representing Driver’s ongoing collaboration as occasional screenwriter and/or producer for Jim Jarmusch, who first gained major attention as a director with this film. Please join Sara and us for journeys that will take you far from the theater seat you’re sitting in!