Leonard Mann and Eurocrime: Found in Translation

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Imagine you’re a handsome American of Italian ancestry named Leonardo Manzella, and, not quite of legal age, you make a trip to your ancestral land where, strolling along the Via Veneto, you’re “discovered” by an Italian film producer who wants you to change your name back to something more “American”—say, Leonard Mann—for his upcoming spaghetti western, which he wants you to star in. And so you become Leonard Mann, a major star of Italian westerns, action films and dramas from the late ‘60s to the ‘80s.

We’re delighted to welcome Leonard, a unique and wonderful figure in world cinema, to MIFF, along with a section devoted to—in addition to a screening of The Forgotten Pistolero, that very spaghetti western that was his first film—“Eurocrime,” a genre of Italian-made police thrillers and action films, many starring Leonard, most never or rarely seen here, that are only now becoming legion to a generation of fans who may not have even been born when they were first made. Leonard will have some stories to tell, and so do his films!