Fell: Deep in the woods, two young children divulge the unusual tale of their true origin; Little Red Giant, The Monster That I Was; This blistering animated film portrays a woman behaving badly at a barbecue, and the ensuing consequences; The Dance of the Outsider: A French Nouveau film set in the ’60s, a prostitute goes to the wrong address and ends up spending an illuminating  afternoon with the son of a Burundian diplomat; The Prodigal Mother: A mother’s loss of her infant spurs visitations from its incarnations, had it survived; Real Artists: In this snappy sci-fi, an animator interviewing for her dream job, realizes that the very strengths that landed her the interview in the first place, will be the first casualties should she accept; The Colonial: A woman insists on resolving an unsavory episode from her past, visiting the man responsible for it, and threatening his new life; Good Hands: A young woman is put through her emotional paces as she attempts to recover from heartbreak; Leech: In this horror rom-com, a spineless young man courts adulthood by expressing his true feelings to his deranged girl friend.