New 35mm Restoration! “Darker and chillier than a storm drain at midnight, this expertly-crafted thriller from directors Alfred Werker and Anthony Mann, screenwriters John Higgins and Crane Wilbur, and cinematographic master John Alton represents one of the strongest semi-documentary/police procedural noirs…. The film’s no-frills parallel narrative is divided between hunters and hunted—the L.A.P.D. and a coolly calculating electronics expert/cop killer, respectively. Sought by authorities for the point blank murder of an off-duty officer who had stopped him for questioning, Roy Martin (Richard Basehart) easily makes noir’s most malevolent psycho-loners top ten. Fresh from a successful stint on Broadway, Basehart deftly inhabited his darkly charismatic sociopath in a performance that could’ve very easily slipped into an unintentionally funny stereotype—but the actor keeps it subtle, keeps it real—and single-handedly elevates the film during his self-administered bullet-extraction scene with acting that’s nothing less than brilliant”—Film Noir of the Week.

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