The Oscar-winning director of Taxi to the Dark Side brings us the astonishing story of Fela Kuti who, among other things in his all-too-short life, created Afrobeat (a fusion of Jazz, traditional West African rhythms, funk, highlife, and psychedelic rock), married 27 women in one day, and, at the peak of his powers, in 1977, so threatened Nigeria’s oil-rich military regime that it stormed his compound—a commune, in fact, housing dozens of wives, friends and hangers on. With his audacious but irresistible music and a great deal of courage, Fela Kuti helped bring a change towards democracy in Nigeria, promoted Pan-Africanist politics to the entire world, became an inspiration in the global fight for the rights of all oppressed people—and made irresistible, funky, original, complex, great music.