Young Scottish ballad singer Ruadhan despairs as the fabric of his quaint hometown erodes. Around him Portaran’s fading glory is there for all to see. There are no fish in the sea, no jobs, and the young generation is leaving for the cities. The passing of town matriarch Isobel shakes Ruadhan to the core. Another character gone, another voice lost. Portaran’s soul is slipping away and neither Alec, the town bard, nor mistress-of-the-ceilidh Lorna have the stomach to fight the change. Intent on saving Portaran, Ruadhan finds not even his best friend, Calum, is interested in joining his campaign. Calum has invested in an old car he plans to fix up and head for Spain in. As other youngsters abandon Portaran and incomers arrive with plans to remodel the town for tourists, Ruadhan becomes isolated. The return of his childhood sweetheart Amy sparks Ruadhan’s determination to stay, as well as his struggle to keep the past alive. When Alec takes off to a retirement home in mysterious circumstances, Ruadhan must act quickly to save him and protect the town he loves. As the tempo rises and his battle begins to spiral out of control, it is Ruadhan himself who needs saving. Haunted by the songs and traditions of the past, Blackbird features legendary Scottish performers Norman Maclean and Sheila Stewart alongside up and coming talent, adding to the film’s authenticity and soulfulness.