Celebrating Altman

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Inimitable, literally. Unique. Brilliant. Idiosyncratic. Kaleidoscopic. Hilarious. Fierce. Nonpareil. You could go on. Perhaps the best way to sum up the collective work of Robert Altman, who passed 7 years ago, is to say that for many of us, he was simply the greatest American film director ever. With one of Altman’s favorite actors, Keith Carradine, deservedly receiving this year’s MIFF Mid-Life Achievement Award, the time is here to re-appreciate and celebrate Altman’s great work…and to do so, we are thrilled and honored by the presence here at MIFF of not only Keith, but of several others of his favorite actors and collaborators: Michael Murphy, Allan Nicholls, Mike Kaplan and, most inspiring of all, his widow, Kathryn Altman, to introduce and discuss Bob’s great films. We will screen as many of his films as possible in their original and rarely screened 35mm formats, and look forward to a renewed appreciation of the kind of unique and vital work that will continue to invite rethinking and re-evaluation, work that will provoke, thrill, infuriate and enthrall. With the gift of his amazing art, Bob has never really left us after all…

Screenings to include Short Cuts, Luck, Trust & Ketchup: Robert Altman in Carver Country, McCabe and Mrs. Miller, Nashville, Kansas City, A Prairie Home Companion, and Thieves Like Us. And to top it all off, Annie Ross, star of Short Cuts and creator of its memorable soundtrack, will perform a live concert at the Waterville Opera House.