The Forgotten Pistolero was made in 1969 when the spaghetti western genre was still very popular, but definitely starting to show signs of wear. The old formulas being worn out, new ones had to be found. While some directors decided to add a derisory element to the genre, others tried to create a more ‘adult’ variation by reshaping classical revenge stories….The Forgotten Pistolero is nothing less than a retelling of the Greek legend of Orestes…. In Ferdinando Baldi’s movie, Orestes is called Sebastian, and has become a young man living on his own. One day a wounded stranger called Rafael takes shelter in his house and tells him that he is an old friend and that Sebastian is the son of the Mexican general Carrasco, who was murdered years ago by his wife Anna and her lover Thomas when he came back from a military campaign. Sebastian was able to escape with the help of a servant, while his sister Isabella was later forced to marry a man she didn’t love and remained a virgin. Her true love was Rafael, who was chased and castrated (!) by the scum working for the murderous couple. Sebastian has no recollection of the massacre, but the tolling of the bells announcing the Ave Maria bring back fragmented memories, so he starts following Rafael in order to reconstruct his own past….”—The Spaghetti Western Database