Winner of six Goyas (Spain’s Oscar equivalent) including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best New Actress, Best Screenplay and Best Score (by none less than Pat Metheny)! Spain 1966. John Lennon, determined to leave the Beatles to become an actor, arrives in Almería, Spain to shoot How I Won the War, his first and only non-musical role. Antonio, played brilliantly by a heartfelt Javier Cámara (I’m So Excited, Talk To Her), is a school teacher in the small Spanish town of Albacete, who uses Beatles lyrics to teach his students English. When Antonio learns that Lennon is visiting, he decides to undertake the journey to meet his hero—and convince him to make sure future Beatles lyrics are included, in English, on Spanish album covers, so his students can better learn them. On his way, Antonio meets two runaways: Juanjo, a 16-year-old boy who is escaping his home and suffocating father, and Belén, a 20-year-old girl with a secret. Together they travel in Antonio’s Fiat across the stunning backdrop of Franco’s sun-drenched Spain to reach a destination where they will learn more about themselves and one another than they could have imagined. Part road-trip, part coming-of-age tale, this charming, whimsical story is both a farewell to an era of repression and a welcome to a new age, having almost nothing to do with mere Beatles nostalgia and everything to do with hope for the future, in Spain, for three winning people, and in general.

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