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In this quirky fable, the unexpected onset of a middle-age crisis leads a rigidly punctual electrical engineer to a timeless place where he learns that there is indeed life without deadlines. Al Fountain’s (MIFF Mid-Life Achievement Award honoree John Turturro) epiphany comes while he is overseeing the construction of a windshield-wiper plant in Drip Rock, Tennessee. Rigid, hyper-punctual (his wife in New York… Continued

“I chose the title Delirious primarily because it means ‘a state of happiness so intense it verges on being crazy.’ It seemed like a good word to describe the people in the film. They don’t want to just be happy—they want to be so happy they’re almost insane”—Tom DiCillo. And insane surely is what the celebrity world Les Galantine wants to photograph is.… Continued

Tom DiCillo’s latest and most unique movie is the movie of your dreams, if your dreams are filled with the underground world of the New York subway, full of dark and beautiful visions in which we immerse ourselves when we dream—and when we buy a subway ticket. Says DiCillo: “From my first step underground in 1976, I was fascinated by the world that… Continued

Steve Buscemi, Catherine Keener, and Dermot Mulroney star in Tom’s quirky yet scathing Sundance Award-Winning comedy set in one hellish day in the life of an independent filmmaker. All small-time director Nick Reve wants is to realize his artistic vision within the confines of an extremely low budget. Unfortunately he keeps encountering a maddening number of obstacles, both real and imagined.  “I wrote… Continued